Friday, October 11, 2019

Make a crisp Resume

Make a crisp resume

Make a crisp resume

Your resume is a window to introduce yourself briefly. It must contain titles in bold type that highlight your key academic results and highlights of your extracurricular activities. Place a clear introduction and keep your CV short, preferably one or two pages.

"In an interview, he explains the points he mentioned in the curriculum and this defines his communication skills in the first two minutes. Your curriculum vitae should not exceed two pages, however, one page is ideal. We don't need a thesis on the journey of his life, "says Sanjiv Narayan, managing director of Calypto Design Systems.

A vivid resume with all the necessary details about your professional experience to date is very effective. Try to imagine the success story you mentioned in the curriculum and will tell in the interview.

"Recruiters are not interested in your autobiography but in you and in the value you can add to the organization. Don't write something you don't understand. You should always be clear that you are the one who deserves this work, "says Aparna Sarangi, Vice President of RBS.

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